Carolyn Wilman: Winner and Writer


You almost can’t be a sweeper without knowing who Carolyn Wilman is. She’s probably top of the list in the sweeps who’s who. Wilman, the Contest Queen, spends her time entering sweepstakes, winning fabulous prizes and helping others do the same. Wilman claims that to date, her followers have won over $1,000,000 in cash and prizes by following the tips she shares in seminars, workshops, on her website and in her book, “How to Win Cash, Cars, Trips & More!” Wilman feels she has a unique insight into winning contests because of her success record which she attributes largely to her past experience as a marketer on promotional campaigns. We worry that too much following (Wilman or anyone) and not enough leading can put us in direct competition with skilled entrants. And much of what we want is to step aside from the competition. So, consider that before buying in completely, but nonetheless, Wilman sets a high bar for all of us.