How to Utilize Referrals without Spamming Your Family and Friends


Refer-a-friend sweeps and contests are becoming increasingly popular as the companies expect us to farm out not only our information but the info of the people around us as a condition of entry. Obviously, we don’t want to annoy the people we love. And what’s more, sending unsolicited messages may violate the Federal Trade Commission’s rules regarding CAN-SPAM.

So what’s an excited sweeper to do? We can try to get permission to hand over their email address to the contest — however unlikely that seems, just ask. Maybe they have a spam box they’ll let you use. Another route is to focus on contests that allow you to share referral links on social media instead. This will allow your interested friends and family to join without the need for you to give away their personal details. Also, check the rules, many contests make this an optional hoop, not a required one. And if all else fails? We heard some keep a second or even a third spam box just for this and use those. Regardless of your tactics, friends are more important than entries, so choose with care.