Using a Google Voice Number to Protect Your Privacy


Entering sweepstakes means giving out a lot of personal information, including your phone number — which exposes you to the risk of having that information sold to robocall companies, cluttering up your voicemail and interrupting your life with annoying sales calls. There are a lot of (paid) options out there. But we’ve come to rely on the free, dedicated number from Google Voice for sweepstakes entries. (We are not affiliates, Google doesn’t use affiliates — we just love the way this service protects us from spam calls.) Google Voice allows for unlimited free calls within the United States. When you sign up, they will assign a phone number that can be forwarded to your cell phone via an app and boom, you’re protected from unwanted calls and can give out your number to giveaways. Even better, if you’re more digital than phone oriented, you’ll receive email notifications of missed calls and voicemails, further reducing your odds of missing a win notification. You can even change your Google Voice number later if needed. We don’t know how people ever tackled sweeps play without one.