Winning On The Spot: Live Events are a Goldmine


Looking for something beyond the usual? Hop on your favorite social media platforms and start attending live events. Brands use Twitter parties and Facebook Live as a chance to promote products and services by giving away free stuff. Winning usually requires jump through participation hoops like retweets and answering questions posed throughout the event. For once, we really can get something for participation!

These online get-togethers are a blast to attend and the chance of walking away with awesome prizes like Amazon gift cards, newly released toys and tech gadgets make it even more so. And winning on the spot? Sign us up! Of course, winning is never easy, but we’ve got the inside scoop.


Twitter parties and Facebook Lives aren’t your average giveaway. Prizes are handed out in real time — no more waiting for the sweepstakes to end. Want that rush of winning live? Set your calendar reminder and get ready to answer any questions the host throws your way.

Twitter Parties and Facebook Live Events — What’s the Dif?

Brands typically use Twitter Parties or Facebook Live as tools for promotion — and the best way to promote themselves (and make friends in the process) is to give stuff away.

Twitter is a special kind of fun because we can follow a hashtag created for the event and this allows us to be a part of the conversation. But be prepared for the pace. At the rate these parties move, it’s enough to get your adrenaline pumping.

On Facebook, brands use Live like a massive party anyone can attend. The best parties have an excited and animated host on screen and killer party favors. Get your fingers ready — participation is the best way to up your chances of winning a prize.

Finding Twitter Parties and Live Events to Attend

The best way to find Twitter parties to attend is to do thorough research online. Make checking (and tracking) websites like SweetieSweeps and Mommy Blog Expert, which curate upcoming events in one place, part of your regular sweeps routine.

Also, make sure you follow the social media pages of brands you love. All winning is fun, but why not target prizes you know you’ll use? Here’s an insider scoop — win more prizes by finding pages with low engagement. Follow Facebook’s More Pages You May Like prompt and search the word “win” to hunt down contests with few entries.

How to Participate and Win During Live Events

Follow, follow, follow. Hashtags, accounts, known giveaway leaders. Get in there — and this is not the time to be shy, let them see you. Watch for the host to prompt participation and engage as meaningfully and frequently as possible.

Half the fun of Twitter parties is how quickly they move, so build up that skill and make sure you type well, and fast. You might want to use an aggregator like TweetDeck, too.

Know the rules. You’re no dummy, this is old hat to you, but we have to mention it. Use that hashtag every time. Watch out for typos or misspellings; don’t get tripped up by the rookie mistakes. Check again before you hit send. This is where speed and accuracy make winners.

On Facebook Live the host will prompt with questions and explain how to win — listen to them! Write down the things you need to do, and treat it like a checklist. A shocking number of people get knocked out by easy stuff; don’t be that person.

And hey, since winning is never a promise, remember to have fun. Why do this if not for the fun? Have a good time and chat with attendees — maybe make a new sweeper friend and win at the same time. #win